Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you don't qualify for Chapter 7, there is a good chance you will qualify for Chapter 13. If you have regular income, Chapter 13 will allow you to restructure your debt and create a repayment plan over as much as five years.


Chapter 13 can help you retain possession of your home even if there is a foreclosure action against it. By merely filing the papers for Chapter 13 through Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., all foreclosure actions come to a halt.


Robert F. Hoogland has helped people declare Chapter 13 and remain in their homes.


The automatic stay provision of Chapter 13 can bring to an end:


  • Repossession of your cars, work trucks or other assets

  • Garnishment of your wages

  • Garnishment of your bank account

  • The nonstop phone calls and threatening letters from creditors


Lien Stripping — A Powerful Anti-Foreclosure Tool

If you hold more than one mortgage, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to strip away a subordinate mortgage, provided the house is now worth less than the primary mortgage. This effectively strips away the liens on your house and you no longer have to pay your secondary mortgages. This is an approach that is being pioneered in Florida and is becoming an important foreclosure-fighting tool nationwide.


Your options, of course, will be limited by your circumstances. That's why it is important to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer who is also a real estate law expert.


Chapter 13 can discharge debt, keep creditors at bay, and buy time for you to get your finances straightened out. For your protection, call or e-mail Altamonte Springs Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Robert F. Hoogland today.


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