Real Estate Closings

There is nothing as exasperating as a botched closing. Everyone is on hand, the

documents are ready to be signed, but a glitch is discovered at the last moment.

Important information on one of the documents is missing, contradictory,

incomplete or just plain wrong. Both sides realize that a critical transaction must

now be postponed. Everyone is mad at the inexperienced lawyer who was

responsible for the delay.


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Closings are not a big deal to an experienced, board-certified real estate lawyer. I have been handling residential and commercial closings since 1983. The secret of successful closings is, you have to know what you're doing, and you have to have done your homework, and put everything in order before the closing.


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The best outcome at a closing is when there are no surprises, and the worst thing is the buyer's writer's cramp from signing and initialing all the documents stacked up on the table.


Closings can be complicated events, and issues often arise during the process. By retaining real estate law expert Robert F. Hoogland, buyers and sellers are more likely to resolve issues during the meeting. I can answer questions and resolve uncertainties, so that the closing goes smoothly.


Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., has almost 30 years of experience walking people through the final moments of the deal. My firm has represented both buyers and sellers. Our hallmarks are clarity and accuracy. If you want a smooth closing, conducted quickly and clearly without glitches or surprises, call Robert F. Hoogland of Altamonte Springs.


There is no better guarantee of a deal going through than the services of a Florida Bar-certified closings expert. For your protection, call or e-mail Altamonte Springs real estate closings attorney Robert F. Hoogland today.

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