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These are not the best of times in Florida real estate, but at Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., 

there is still optimism. Our region remains a fundamentally attractive place to live or

do business. People and businesses that buy and sell wisely today will do well for

themselves tomorrow. That is why it is more important than ever to work with a real

estate expert, because the upside is immense, and an expensive mistake can sink you. 


Florida Real Estate Law Expert

The office of Robert F. Hoogland, PA focuses on real estate law in Central Florida. 

The recent economic downturn in recent years has been a shock to sellers, but it

has created a world of bargains for astute buyers. In the same way, people in difficult

straits are resorting to bankruptcy, often with an eye toward preventing foreclosure.


Top Orange & Seminole County Real Estate Lawyer

In such challenging times, it is more important than ever to deal with an attorney who can claim to be an experienced specialist in real estate law. Robert Hoogland is a board certified real estate attorney with almost 30 years of experience in every aspect of Florida real estate law. Certification means he holds the distinction of being among the top 1% of Florida real estate lawyers.


Successful at Foreclosure Defense 

The two themes of Robert Hoogland's years of practice, real estate and debt elimination, come together in foreclosure defense. Robert has worked with distressed owners to fend off foreclosure efforts, drawing on a body of legal tactics that have proven effective in Florida and nationwide. Every case is unique, however, so call our offices as soon as you receive notice of foreclosure. The sooner we work together, the greater your chances of success!


In an uncertain market, there is no better guarantee of sound legal real estate counsel than a Florida Bar-certified expert.

For your protection, call (407) 862-4909 or email Longwood Board-Certified Real Estate Attorney Robert F. Hoogland now!

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