Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

The foreclosure problem is worse in Florida than it is nationwide. Subprime mortgage collapses

and high unemployment have done a number on home ownership across our region. Thousands

of people have already lost their homes. Thousands more are yet to be foreclosed upon. The

mood is grim, so when the letter of foreclosure finally arrives in the mail, most people lose hope.


Stop Foreclosures? It's Not Impossible.

But they shouldn't lose hope. Foreclosure actions can be defended in a number of ways. One way

is to halt the foreclosure process by declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Another is to

fight the foreclosure action, and eventually meet with the mortgage lender at a mediation, and if

possible modify the existing mortgage contract, so that it works for both sides. There are numerous

legal tactics that have been used successfully to keep people in their homes. The important thing

is to match the tactics with your circumstances.


It is important to respond within 20 days of service of your foreclosure lawsuit, and it is doubly important to select a lawyer with deep experience in real estate, so that your response is a strong and logical one. I would like to suggest myself. I am a certified real estate lawyer with almost 30 years of experience solving real estate problems. I can help you fight your foreclosure.


Winning With the Facts

Beware of lawyers who guarantee positive results in foreclosure cases. The law is the law, and there are no magic solutions to foreclosure problems. At the law office of Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., I have learned one thing over the years: success usually belongs to the side that brings the best facts, and the best knowledge of the law, to the conversation.


Call me, Altamonte Springs foreclosure defense attorney Robert F. Hoogland, at 877-505-8717, or e-mail me your story. If we are to work together, we must move quickly to save your home.


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