Central Florida Foreclosure Lawyer

The office of Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., has more than 25 years of experience in real estate foreclosures. As a plaintiff's representative, I have provided counsel to Florida banks, mortgage companies and private lenders in thousands of residential and commercial foreclosures.


When your bottom line is affected by a borrower's inability to pay, I can help you explore your obligations as a lender, suggest precautions against further loss, and explain to you your legal options.


Real Estate Lender Attorney

People are surprised that my practice does both foreclosure defense (saving people's homes from foreclosure) and foreclosure consulting to lenders. I tell them two things:


First, to be an expert on one side of an issue, it helps to be an expert on the other side as well. To be maximally successful, you need to know how both sides think.


Second, I don't represent the big nationwide banks that are behind the huge wave of foreclosures today, the ones whose mortgage bundling practices created the crisis, who offered home loans to "anyone with a pulse."


Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., works with smaller local lenders in and around Altamonte Springs who fileefficient, compliant foreclosures that follow the law and respect the rights of homeowners. People don't often realize the pain local lenders and investors feel when acquiring people's homes. A lender's least favorite acronym is REO - real estate owned. But if foreclosure has to be done, it needs to be done right.


Successful foreclosures in Florida require thorough documentation. I help local lenders put their paperwork in proper order, so their businesses do not become part of the backlog that has built up.


Alternatives to Foreclosure

I also work with lenders to explore alternatives to foreclosure. These alternatives range from loan modification, workouts, deed-in-lieu-of foreclosure, "cash for keys" or other options. Many times, both sides show good faith and meet their financial obligations through negotiation with an expert real estate lawyer.


In an uncertain market, there is no better guarantee of sound legal real estate counsel than a Florida bar-certified expert. For your protection, call or e-mail Altamonte Springs foreclosure attorney Robert F. Hoogland today.