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Longwood Bankruptcy Attorney
Longwood Bankruptcy Attorney

Florida Real Estate Law

Q. Why turn to Robert F. Hoogland to solve your Florida real estate law issues? 

A. Because Robert F. Hoogland is board-certified and up to date on the most recent laws. He is among the top percent of all real estate lawyers statewide.


Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., provides a full-range traditional real estate legal services, but the firm has madeadaptations to meet the crisis Florida homeowners face today. We have had many clients contact us about foreclosure defense and mortgage modifications. The firm's great strength remains the experience and real estate expertise of Robert F. Hoogland.


These are just some of the real estate services I am focusing on in the current economy:


  • General real estate law

  • Closings

  • Foreclosure defense

  • Foreclosures

  • Loan modification


Florida Real Estate Contracts Attorney

I also perform traditional, transactional real estate tasks. On any given day you may see me:

  • Assisting local and out-of-state buyers in purchasing residential and commercial Florida property

  • Preparing purchase agreements

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating leases

  • Conducting land use planning

  • Verifying titles and resolving defects in them

  • Issuing title insurance

  • Consulting on evictions

  • Litigating real estate disputes


Successful Real Estate Transactions

At Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., I assist my clients throughout Orlando and Seminole County with both simple and complex real estate issues. I am an experienced attorney, board-certified by the Florida Bar in real estate law since 2001.


In an uncertain market, there is no better guarantee of sound legal real estate counsel than a Florida bar-certified expert. For your protection, call or e-mail Altamonte Springs real estate law attorney Robert F. Hoogland today.