Practice Areas

Robert F. Hoogland, P.A., focuses on one of the issues of greatest relevance to Florida today: real estate law. In an uncertain market, there is no better guarantee of sound legal real estate counsel than a Florida Bar-certified expert. For your protection, call or e-mail Seminole County Real Estate Lawyer and Foreclosure Attorney Robert F. Hoogland today.


Within the categories of real estate law, Robert provides these services:


Real Estate Law

Robert assists clients with both simple and complex real estate issues. He handles complex property exchanges and sales often involving multi-million-dollar deals.


The law office of Robert F. Hoogland works with lenders, ensuring that foreclosures are conducted properly, efficiently and effectively.

Real Estate Closings

Legal experience and thoroughness are the best protection against a botched closing. Robert handles Real Estate closings from start to finish, including 

issuing Title Insurance Policies. In any economy, it is vital to work with a lawyer who is board-certified in matters of real estate law: Robert Hoogland


Loan Modification

As part of a foreclosure defense, individuals having trouble making house payments can often renegotiate terms with the lender.



Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure need not be a foregone conclusion. If you have received a foreclosure letter from your bank, it is important to call me today.


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